170625 Kim Donghan’s Interview with dcnewsAde

I: Interviewer 

D: Donghan


I: Hello. This is DC Inside.

D: Hello.


I: You’re handsome.

D: Hahaha.


I: Perhaps have you ever been  into Gallery? (T/N: Referring to DCGall)

D: I heard about it but I’ve never entered it. I heard that there’s Minor Gallery as well.


I: Your fans have increased.

D: I still haven’t wandered around in places like downtown yet. So I honestly feel like I’ve been woken up from a dream and I still can’t believe that it’s real. I receive lots of support in places like SNS but I cannot touch/feel it. It feels like I’m dreaming.


I: “Should I go out and test my popularity?” Have you ever thought about that?

D: Me? (Laughs) I never thought about it but maybe once this weekend? Anyways we’re going to Hongdae to watch a movie this weekend. I’m thinking about “Should I do it once?”


I: Did you see the picture of you that was taken when you went to visit your subway (ad)?

D: Yes. At that time, I thought no one would recognise me. There isn’t much young population at Mangwon station. So I was worried (that no one would recognise me) but they secretly took pictures of me. It’s really fascinating.



I: You went there twice.

D: Yes.


I: People felt sad because you were looking at your ad really pitifully.

D: Hahaha. I was fascinated though. But even when I look at the picture (taken of me), I did look like I was looking at it pitifully.



I: Do you know what your nickname is?

D: Yes. It’s walnut. (Laughs)


I: Why do you crack walnuts well? Hahaha.

D: From last time, I would give my friend flicks as a penalty. I knew my flicks were strong but I thought “Wouldn’t I have a personal talent?” Honestly if you’re coming out on Produce you must have at least one personal talent. While I was thinking on what to do, I thought, “Should I crack a walnut once?” so I bought walnuts. So I tried cracking it and it really cracked. I was also surprised.


I: So at that time, it was your first time cracking it?

D: Yes. Hahaha. It was like one week before the audition?


I: Perhaps have you ever hit your friends directly? (T/N: I think it’s referring to using his flicks to hit)

D: A lot.
I: Did that friend go to the emergency room?

D: Hahaha. When we dance, we cannot make mistakes. In my Daegu dance team, when we make mistakes, the penalty is getting flicked on the forehead by me. So we worked really hard. (Laughs) If we make a mistake, it’s like the world has collapsed. I even saw bruises of finger marks on the forehead.


I:  That dance team’s skills seems to be amazing.

D: People really liked us for our knife-like choreography. (Laughs)


I: You must’ve received lots of fanletters.

D: Fanletter… I received a little! At first it was really fascinating to me. I’m like a normal person but they asked to take pictures with me. (Laughs)


I: I heard that there was a time you danced all by yourself in your all boys’ high school.

D: Ah, that, originally I really didn’t want to do it because it would’ve been really embarrassing but the music teacher always tried to find me. And told me to give it a try. There’s someone to sing and rap but no one wanted to dance, I couldn’t win against the teacher so I went. It was for a talent show and I was the only one who performed alone. On top of that, it was dancing. (Laughs) But, a lot of girls came, more than I expected. I was relieved and thought that ‘Ah, I wasn’t going to dance in front of just guys’. Honestly, there needs to be reactions to be able to dance enjoyably right? And their reactions were better than I expected. I was a 3rd year in high school at that time, the people thought I was for sure a 1st year. I transferred during my 3rd year so I was mostly just in my classroom. I suddenly got questions like ‘2nd year?’ and things like ‘You’re really good’. (Laughs)


I: During your PR video, the sunglasses suddenly came out. How did you do that?

D: I don’t remember how exactly but last time when I watched TV, I followed what Jang Woohyuk senior did. I was wearing the sunglasses behind my neck and then I brought it forward. I really like watching TV.


 I: Even when you did the roll, it didn’t shake and it followed well.

D: Ah, I received lots of praises from the camera director. He said that I was able to get hold of the center well.


I: You didn’t think that it would be a hot topic right?

D: Yes. I just showed what I brought but people showed good reactions.
I: How did you feel when you first met the 101 people? You must’ve been worried whether you would be able to do well in that place.

D: There were lots of handsome people than I expected, dance wise all of them dance really well. It was really well like a dancer so at first I felt like I shrunk. “Will I be able to do well?” I thought a lot like this. They can dance and sing well, there are lots who have a handsome face too.


I: But Donghan is handsome.

D: There were many people who were really handsome.


I: Fans wrote that when they see you they get surprised because you’re handsome. Have you ever felt that way?

D: Ugh~ No. (Laughs) I’ve been to the (most extreme) limit of ugliness.


I: During the company evaluation, how did you choose doing “Blood, Sweat & Tears”?

D: At first it was a different song. We wanted to do a song like Deux seniors but the crew heard that I like BTS seniors so they suggested why not I dance something to “Fire” or “Blood, Sweat & Tears”? As expected it was too difficult.


I: Your ranking was originally D but you went up to B. You must’ve felt happy that you went up by your hard work.

D: I would be happy even if I got a C. I thought I would stay in D. While thinking of those two thoughts, I got a B so I was surprised. Everyone was really good in practice but it was scary. I didn’t remember how to do the shoulder dance in “Pick Me”. We also had to sing at the same time so it was confusing. And we only had around 2 days to practice.


I: The dance is hard.

D: There were a lot of steps.


I: Apparently the choreographer’s character is the kind to have a choreography that’s really thorough.

D: This time it’s like that too if you look at “Never”. Kwon Jaeseung teacher who made “Pick Me” did “Never too”. Both is hard and a tiring choreography.

I: Between “Pick Me”, “Call Me Baby”, “Shape of You” and “I Know You Know”, the hardest choreography is?

D: “Pick Me”. Hahaha. If you dance to the whole song, it’s really difficult. So I’ll recommend it to those who wants to diet.
I: Really? I should try it. (Laughs)

D: If you dance it 5 times in one day, your weight will really decrease.


I: Weren’t you disappointed that your screentime was short during 1st and 2nd episode?

D: No matter what it seems like those people who had screentime isn’t the ones who are at the lower rankings. So I thought like “Ah, it’ll be good if I had slight screentime.” But I’m satisfied to be able to come all the way up to here. I’m extremely thankful to the national producers who helped me.


I: The center for “Call Me Baby” was a big hit. I wonder why these talents were found out so late. Did you think it was going to have that impact?

D: When I was in a dance team, I did “Call Me Baby”. Luckily I knew the choreography. I also like Kai senior. I worked really hard to follow his feel. I tried to make it the best “Call Me Baby” (stage). I felt all the gestures, expressions, dance steps. I researched a lot on that. When others were memorizing the dance steps, I was practicing on my feel. I think I looked through in details.


I: Something upsetting happened for “Call Me Baby”. Can you tell me about this?

D: Well… It was when we had disagreements with each other. Since it was the first concert, everyone didn’t know what to do and how to do it. There were burden, there were a lot of stuffs like that.


I: That’s expected.

D: No matter what I think we were also sensitive to each other. It’s not only our team but other teams had a similar situation. I heard a lot of people were upset too.


I: That’s right. Besides, it’s not a familiar situation.

D: Now we can get over it and laugh but at that time…


I: I understand. It’s a competition anyways.

D: At that time it was more of a competition than there was a bond between us. I wondered if it was hard because of that. Like even with movements or that kind, it was hard between us.


I: Didn’t a good “Shape of You” (stage) come out because of such issue?

D: Ah! Hahaha. At that time between us trainees we started forging bonds. But the dance position was really difficult. Our performance was on Sunday but our rehearsal was on Saturday and we changed the choreography then.


I: Which parts?

D: At first, “The club isn’t the best place”, that part was the hardest part. Before Taedong hyung did ‘pakpakpak’ (1:53 in the video), he did ‘chakchakchakchak’~. That was choreographed on Saturday. Since the steps are all fast and the dance is a fast choreography, our team members all thought that “It’ll be a big problem if we make a mistake”. But it wasn’t just our team, other dance position teams changed their choreography for at least thrice. With that I think among all the positions, dance position was the hardest. It was as hard as “Pick Me.”


I: Who choreographed the handkerchief choreography? The reactions were good.

D: If I explain in detail, I said “It’ll be good if we could use props once.” Then Taedong hyung said “Should we use handkerchiefs once?”. Before that there were chairs and there were a lot of feedbacks. Taedong hyung said let’s use handkerchief once then Taehyun hyung started making the choreography from that. We gave Taehyun hyung tips and a few feedbacks, then the choreography is completed.


I: Watching the video, the handkerchief suddenly comes out. It was like magic.

D: Everyone hid it. Either in the pockets or using a hanging it. Some of us took it out from our back pocket, some from the front pocket. I took it out from here. I wanted to use the props like this. We wanted to be different from other teams.


I: Why did you smell the scarf twice during “Shape of You” stage? Hahaha.

D: Ah, you might be disappointed. (Laughs) I just did it the way I felt like it.


I: Did it come out briefly? (T/N: Referring to the idea?)

D: Each one of us had our own gesture and I just wanted to smell mine twice. I thought it’d be good for me to smell it once and give a comfortable feeling and smell it once more then throw it away, so I said that to my team members.



I: In the song, which part did you sing?

D: Honestly the part where I came out is in the middle…, we did lots of recording but my voice didn’t come out a lot. Honestly I’m confused too. Like what’s this? I didn’t know singing was that important. We all took it with a light heart. (Laughs)


I: The reviews seemed good so a lot of people looked forward to it a lot. But it’s disappointing that it didn’t come out well in broadcast.

D: Honestly speaking we didn’t expect it. But national producers said it was the 2nd Bang Bang, a lot also said it was crazy, even the on-scene reviews were very dazzling so of course we cannot not look forward to it. Hahaha. Honestly I had expectations like “With this can I easily go on to the next mission?” (Laughs) It’s a pity about the editing… But the people who came on the scene knew that we did well.


I: They’re asking the 6 of you to film a full shot of “Shape of You”.

D: Ah, I think that will be really fun. It’s a pity. I thought wouldn’t it be better if it came out as a full shot. I would like that. If the others have time to.


I: Seo Sunghyuk who’s hidden camera became a hot topic said Donghan’s was more fun. What was it about?

D: Aha. I was really flustered. I entered that room first then Jungjung hyung did. I came in and wanted to joke around as usual but the mood was suddenly weird. The mood was really heavy so I was like “What’s this?”. At that time Ong Seongwoo hyung and Kang Daniel hyung was on one side and Park Jihoon and Kim Samuel was on another. The fight was like asking the hyungs to listen to the younger ones and asking why isn’t the younger ones listening to the hyungs’ words? So I silently went out. Then suddenly Ong Seongwoo hyung said to me “Yah, did you come here to play?”. It was really serious. But then suddenly Sunghyuk said “Yes. We came to play”. In my mind I was like “Is he crazy?” Hahaha. Without me knowing Sunghyuk too was fooled by hidden camera and went to join them. But since I didn’t know I was like “What’s with him?” Hahaha. But at that time Jungjung hyung was really funny. That hyung has a funny pronunciation. Since we didn’t know it was a hidden camera, and we noticed the mood was weird so we wanted to go out. But Jungjung hyung thought maybe he should say goodbye. So he said “Goodbwye~~~” like this. Hahaha. Later on I went back in and all those who did the hidden camera burst out laughing. When he said “Goodbwye” I was like “Oh, what is this”, I was confused. Later Seongwoo hyung said “Yah, did you come here to play? Good job.” so I knew it was a hidden camera. I was surprised. (Laughs)


I: Since there’s no one else but guys, seems like everything is a joke.

D: That’s right. There are so many funny things that happened in the dorm, I think it’ll be fun if just 1 episode of that all gets broadcasted.


I: When I look at it, “I Know You Know” team seems like the funniest group since there are a lot of people who jokes around well.

D: Right. Hahaha. At that time it was really fun. 2 people had to use 1 room so I shared it with Kim Donghyun. From then, there wasn’t any observation camera in the dorm. And we went to other rooms to play. I’ll say up to here.


I: What did you talk about? Perhaps something racy? Hahaha.

D: Aaaah. It’s not that, since we’re guys it’s just light jokes.


I: If it’s being filmed it will be a big problem!

D: Ah~ It doesn’t matter even if it’s filmed. Hahaha. But as there were no cameras, I think we got closer.


I: I think there are serious talks too. Since you all are still trainees who’s worried about future.

D: That’s right. Everyone wants to debut, but there could be situations where we can’t debut. So we talked a lot about that. I learned a lot more because of that. It was a good experience.


I: Who worried the most about debut?

D: Um… Everyone was worried, everyone is a trainee, and as soon as we dropped out, we have to worry about it, so there were a lot of worries. The ageing hyungs were also worried about what they should do.


I: For “I Know You Know”‘s case, the composer’s sharpness was often showed on broadcast, and during recording I think he gave the directing in detail. If there’s a directing that you received individually, could you let us know?

D: Before that composer Shin Hyuk said “It was really hard during recording”. So all 7 of us went there worried but we finished earlier than we expected. One part took as fast as 3 minutes. We came out after singing for 3 times. There was this situation where he said “You’re different from rumors.”


I: You must’ve practiced a lot.

D: Just like what came out on broadcast, we went to record the song feeling apologetic. Honestly we were the ones with least popularity, the song was good but we felt like we weren’t able to grasp it well. So I think we were feeling really down. Our team members. We worked even harder and made a lot of effort.


I: Why. But the leg clapping was good and became a hot topic.

D: Aigo, it was hard. Hahaha. Our choreography seems easy but there’s a lot of jumping so it’s hard.


I: Please tell us how to clap our feet.

D: Sorry?


I: That was a question (given). Hahaha.

D: Really? The feeling is like using your right feet to kick hard and your leg like just like pull together. Hahaha.


I: But the praises received when it came out on the charts was called “God Know You Know”

D: Ah really? Luckily then. I’m really happy that all 5 songs were in the top ranking. Just the songs that we sang, the songs that all the trainees sang, was all in the top ranking, since the song was good there were a lot of listens. I was extremely happy. When I shower or wash myself in the morning I really play all 5 songs. All the songs are really good.
 I: For your case, you gained popularity through your focus cams. How many times did you watch your own focus cam?

D: Ugh, I honestly find it cringy. It’s extremely terrible. I can’t watch myself flirting. There was once I barely finished watching it through.


I: Looking at your Insta, you seem to have an aegyo-like personality.

D: I worked hard but I can’t. But I’m trying to.


I: Do you look at the comments?

D: I’m really working hard reading it.


I: Can you introduce the comment that left the deepest impression?

D: During “Call Me Baby” time, because it was the focus cam of the song that I first received attention from. At that time I think I read all the comments. There were a few thousands, I like each and every one of them and read them and fell asleep. I was really thankful for each one of them, it was fascinating. Luckily there weren’t any bad words. So I thought that was better. It was fascinating there weren’t evil comments but only good ones. I was really proud.


I: Fans said that you already look like a star.

D: Ah! They’re very nice!


I: Yes. It’s overwhelming. Hahaha. Earlier we talked about details, is it a habit to dance with your tongue on your lips?

D: I didn’t know I do that a lot. When I look at it, I think it’s a little dirty to me. (Laughs) Firstly I’m really sorry and I would like to apologise.


I: (A fan) said to tell you that if your aim was to seduce then you’ve succeeded.

D: But I usually lick my lips often. That’s what I do if my lips are dry and the air in the performance hall was very dry. My throat becomes very dry and my lips get chapped so I end up licking my lips a lot.


I: You received the nickname “Ending prince”. Do you agree?

D: Honestly there are many people who are really handsome.


I: We talked about it earlier. There are a lot of fans who gets surprised when they look at you. Why are you being like this.

D: For me I think “I Know You Know”‘s ending came out better than I expected. But it’s a pity it was only for a shown for a short while. (Laughs)


I: The fans captured it and uploaded it. So the one you’re most contented with is “I Know You Know”?

D: Honestly during “Call Me Baby”, I don’t know how I should do it… I think “Shape of You” and “I Know You Know” has the sexy and cute side respectively so I’m contented with that. But during “Shape of You” I lost a lot of weight so it looked like a clown popped out.


I: Everyone lost a lot of weight. It’s so hard that even if you eat a lot you don’t gain weight right?

D: We brought a lot of snacks and at night we ate a lot of ramyeon. But since we had a lot of activities…


I: In other media (interview), you said that a coffee pot is a must bring item to the dorm.

D: I didn’t bring a coffee pot but Ong Seongwoo hyung did. Ah! I wanted to borrow the coffee pot from him during the hidden camera. To eat ramyeon. I went there thinking “Ah, Seongwoo hyung has a coffee pot right?” but since they did the hidden camera I lost my mental state (of mind).


I: You wanted to borrow it but Ong Seongwoo!

D: No that hyung, suddenly was like “Did you come to play?” Hahaha.


I: During the third ranking announcement, you did the robot cleaning dance when you came out and it became a hot topic. Did you purposely think of doing that?

D: I did that from last time for fun when I’m practicing. Honestly I think in the entertainment industry, only I can do it. Hahaha. Among the men am I not the only one who can do it? It’s like I felt as if it was going to be my last day so I wanted to enter in a fun way. Luckily it came out funnily, I am extremely satisfied.



I: I think it was a good choice to change your hairstyle. Who suggested it or was it you who thought of changing it?

D: I wanted it. I’ve never dyed my hair before. This is my first time dyeing it. I was like wouldn’t I bloom even more if I dyed my hair? I really liked it.


I: Do you think black hair suits you more or your blonde hair suits you more?

D: Doesn’t both of it have their own charm? Hahaha. I saw all the reactions. It was what the fans said. They said that black hair gives off an innocent/pure feel and the blonde hair gives off a sexy feel.


I: You said horror movies are not fun so why were you surprised during the ghost hidden camera?

D: It’s not that I’m scared because of the ghost but because I thought it was really a mirror but suddenly there were a lot of people there. I was surprised there. Really. Suddenly it was like huk! I felt like “Oh? What’s this?”. Really, I’m good at bearing with scary things. I’ll prove it whenever. In movies there’s the timing to be surprised so because of that I’m not surprised. But that since I really didn’t know. I was told to write a letter but suddenly “Bbyong!”


I: If you had a movie to recommend to fans?

D: I mainly like watching Korean movies but I enjoy watching foreign movies’ Marvel series. I really like Marvel. I’ve watched it all and it’s fun.


I: Perhaps do you know JBJ?



I: KenCallTaeGyunSonyeonHoduHyunnen.

D: Hyunnen?


I: Ah, Hyunbin. (Laughs) You didn’t know?

D: Yes, I don’t know it well.


I: Seems like I have to break it down to you. Fans made a combination of Kenta, Yongguk, Taedong, Sanggyun, Donghan, Hyunbin to form a group. They thought it’ll be good.

D: Wow, all the positions are there. Just Be Joyful?


I: Yes. Originally it was “JungByungJun” but it became JBJ. Fans thought that the chances of 7 of you to be in the debuting 11 will be very hard, so they made this.

D: I heard about DongDongs or Taedonghan. I heard about KenCallTaeGyun too. It was on Facebook. But I didn’t hear about JBJ. Thank you for including me in. Ah, in this picture there’s Donghyun too.


I: Can the members gather and take a proof shot?

D: We’re all keeping in touch with each other. We have meals together too. If we meet we really become “JungByungJun”. Hahaha.


I: If you say “JungByungJun” I will get scolded. I was told to teach you “Just Be Joyful”.

D: I think “JungByungJun” is more fun? (Laughs)


I: So you’ve made a promise with me. A proof shot of all 7 of you.

D: Yes. Okay. (Laughs) It’s fun.


I: If you had something you learned most from coming out on Produce 2?

D: When I practice dancing or singing I am always able to use the practice room. But stage experience, to have an experience on such a big stage is hard. The camera has to be like a music show and the singing had to be live too. And things like expressions or gestures has to be practiced so I learned a lot about that. Things like how I should go about so it comes out well on camera. Looking at it, I learned a lot about skills too.


I: Once Produce ended, how have you been?

D: I just went back to my daily life and is working hard in practice.


I: Doesn’t it feel so empty all of a sudden?

D: Yes. Everytime I wake up early in the morning and leave until late at night. I’ve been living like this for 6 months so it seems like my daily life is busy but when I’m starting to adapt, it ended. It’s like really a rea-hit?


I: Reality hitting back?

D: Yes. It’s like reality is hitting me back. It’s like being woken up from a really good dream, that kind of feeling?


I: After going out on the program, your dream to become a singer would’ve gotten bigger.

D: Of course. There’s a lot of hard stuff but there’s as much fun stuff as there is hard stuff.


I: Now you’ve gained people who are on your side.

D: Yes. The people who like me, love me, support me and gave me attention has increased.


I: It’s memorized. That.

D: Yeah. (Laughs) I feel like I have to work hard for them, I feel the responsibility too.


I: Was your dream originally to become a singer?

D: Originally it was a Hapkido player. I continued exercising because my dream was to be a bodyguard but I got hurt so I couldn’t do Hapkido anymore. After that my mum told me to study but I got into a dance team. At first I was excited to stand on stage and after experiencing that, I thought “I’ll take this as a profession and make this my job.” I thought like that since high school year 1.


I: Did you discuss it with your family?

D: I told them but… When I was in high school year 1, I really didn’t know anything. They were really against it. They told me not to join the dance team. That’s why I stopped eating and drinking. (Laughs) I was on a hunger strike. (T/N: Hunger strike is a method of non-violent resistance or pressure in which participants fast as an act of protest or to provoke feelings of guilt in others) In the end, they allowed me to join the dance team. I widened (my skills(?)) little by little. I was getting better at dancing so they approved it to a certain extent.


I: People are really touched seeing your mother and older brother working hard promoting you.

D: Yes. I think my family works the hardest in supporting me.


I: But you didn’t follow your older brother’s Instagram?

D: Ah, this. (Laughs) I purposely didn’t follow my real friends. At first it was like that. Previously I used Facebook but my friends told me that foreigners sent them messages. So I didn’t want them to be bothered…. It’s not because the relationship between me and my older brother is not good. Hahaha.


I: I heard that the age difference is huge.

D: Yes. We are the same zodiac horoscope. (12 years apart)


I:  Seems like you received lots of love.

D: Yes. It’s like my older brother raised me up. (Laughs) When he was 12, I was just born.


I: If it’s like that, your older brother changed your diaper.

D: He changed my diapers, when I was 7 I learned swimming from him too. (Laughs)


I: How did you start your trainee life?

D: Cover dance competitions to me was fun so I kept going on one and in Daegu I won awards too. So I thought “Should I try in Seoul once?” so I went on a competition and luckily I was 2nd and could advance to finals. At that time I met my company’s representative so I went to Seoul after that.


I: Trainee life is hard, right?

D: It’s a lot different from what I expected. You know when you have your own dreams/fantasies (of what it is like)? (Laughs)


I: That’s right. There’s a difference from reality. I’m sure there are times you felt like giving up, what do you do to get over that?

D: Firstly if I give up now, I will hurt my family. I transferred to Seoul, and I have to finish school too. If I stop now, there’s nothing I can do, and my family will be extremely disappointed. I think I continue working hard because of my mother.


I: Your item is old-fashioned, it’s the ‘90s sensibilty and so there was a question on whose influence was it, so it was your hyungs’ influence.

D: I’m a really trendy person! (Laughs) But on broadcast only those kind of things were shown. I like movies, I like travelling, I’m someone who’s really aware of the latest senses, and I’m a king in joking around. I use it sometimes. Very rarely! I used it and only those kind of things were shown.


I: On your letter your exclamation mark has a carrot?

D: That I learned from my dad when I was young. I also learned how to write the characters “Kim Donghan” in 3D. It looks pretty.


I: Perhaps are you planning on communicating with your fans through videos like V App or Insta live?

D: Yes. The company is planning it.


I: The fans have lots of demands/needs. They’re asking you to upload some dance cover videos.

D: I’ve been doing dance covers since high school year 1, I think they want to see the cover of a song released recently. Wouldn’t it be fun to make a choreograph while practicing?


I: If you debut, what position would you want to be in charge of in your team?

D: In Produce2, I showed my dancing, but I’m also working hard in practicing my singing too. My role model is Jungkook senior. I want to be like him. So I’m really working hard in practicing.


I: How about studying music separately?

D: I want to. But ah, my body doesn’t follow. I’m honestly not familiar with machines/technologically illiterate. (Laughs) I’m preparing.


I: Let’s say you’ve made a team. What concept would you like your team to have?

D: It’ll be good if we try out numerous (types of) music. I want to try a youthful feel like SEVENTEEN seniors, something trendy like EXO seniors and something powerful like BTS seniors.


I: Have you thought of a name for your debut team?

D: I still don’t know… the name of my debut team. I tried thinking about it hard but it doesn’t come out.


I: Not long ago, you become an adult?

D: Ah… Yes?


I: Don’t tell me you didn’t know that and just let it pass?

D: It’s a pity. Because of Produce2 I really wasn’t in the right state of mind. When is coming-of-age day?


I: The third Monday in May. You must’ve been very busy.

D: Just like that, my coming-of-age day flew away.


I: Now it’s not too late. Since you’ve become an adult, what’s something you want to do most?

D: For me now, just to drink with friends? Just that?


I: Do other things. You can drink anytime.

D: But even when I turned 20, nothing really changed. I think the minor days were more better. As expected, being young is amazing. (Laughs)


I: In the 19 years you’ve lived, was there any experience that made you really want to rebel?

D: Like I said before, I was hit a lot as I grew up. By my hyung. Hahaha. There was a day when there was no one at home and on that day I had to go to cram school. I was late for cram school after taking a nap so I told my cram school that I was sick and I didn’t go. That was the most rebellious I’ve been. I did sports when I was in middle school and dancing when I was in high school. When I think about too, I think I’ve lived an unenjoyable life.


I: Don’t you regret it? You should’ve at least created trouble. Hahaha.

D: I created a lot of trouble so that’s probably why I was hit a lot by my brother. (Laughs)


I:Exactly how much did you get hit by your hyung? I’m suddenly curious.

D: It’s the same as everyone when they’re young.



I: Haven’t you tried to rebel?

D: We had a huge age gap and I didn’t have the strength to rebel. (Laughs)


I: Do you know that you’re called HoduMaroo (T/N: Hodu means walnut (refer to his walnut cracking video and Maroo stands for Jihoon’s company) with Park Jihoon?

D: Yes. We’ve talked about it. The start of that was the picture of me and Jihoon during ‘Me, it’s me (Pick Me)’ where I grabbed his necktie, after that, we wandered around while joking around with each other or having our arms on each other’s shoulders. In some ways, I really owed a lot to Jihoon. Jihoon’s fans really took great interest in me.


I: If there’s something that people might misunderstand and you want to clear it is?

D: I’m originally the style to joke around a lot. Even when I practice, I joke around a lot too. But in the broadcast I came out as someone with a cold atmosphere. I really joke around a lot.


I: I’ll let the fans know on which you prefer. Now don’t think and just answer. Pour sauce over sweet and sour pork or dip it?

D: Dip it.


I: Cold noodles or hot noodles?

D: Cold noodles.


I: Spicy or sweet taste?

D: Spicy.


I: Older vs same age vs younger?

D: Same age?


I: Social studies vs science?

D: Social studies.


I: Dogs vs cats?

D: Dogs.


I: Fried chicken vs seasoned chicken?

D: Fried chicken.


I: Summer vs winter?

D: Winter.


I: Sexy vs cute?

D: Of course, sexy.


I: Basketball vs baseball vs soccer?

D: Oh.. Bas-cer.


I: Only one. (Laughs)

D: Um.. basketball. Rather than watching sports, I like doing it more.


I: So if we go to the Han River can we see you playing basketball?

D: I’ve never been to the Han River. (Laughs) How about the basketball court infront of my house?


I: Thanks for the interview. Lastly, please leave a greeting video.

D: https://twitter.com/kimsdonghan/status/879312977228201984






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